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Tornadoes Hit Daytona Beach, Florida
Just Before '98 Bike Week

Bike Week Event Areas - Not Damaged

I received a lot of e-mail inquiring about our safety, and to find out if Bike Week will still happen.
The answer is, yes we are fine, thank you, and
Bike Week areas sustained no damage and will happen as scheduled.

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Daytona Beach, Florida -- Sunday, Feb. 22, 1998
It all happened Sunday night. For 2½ hours between 11PM - 1:30AM, a total of 3 tornadoes hit Daytona Beach. But, fortunately it didn't affect any of the BIKE WEEK PartyGrounds. Unfortunately, there were some homes in the area that didn't escape damages. I was listening in on my police scanner, so I got a bead on exactly where the damages happened.
The WORST HIT areas were isolated to the westside of Daytona just east of the Interstate: Pelican Bay (East end), Colonial Colony South (mobile home park), Old Deland Road & Fourth Street and around Interstate I-4 and I-95. The "Jeweler LiveCam" broadcast that I do is only about a 1/2 mile from where one of the tornadoes did the most property damage at Pelican Bay & Colonial Colony South.
The one fatality that happened in Daytona Beach:
Mark Price, 41, who lived with his fiancee, Jennifer Johnson (she survived) in a mobile home at the corner of Old Deland Road and Fourth Street. The mobile home they lived in was totally shredded by the tornado.
Damages to Colonial Colony South (mobile home park), 1275 Beville Rd.:
20 mobile homes were destroyed and 130 sustained damage. A large number of cars were damaged. No fatalities.
Damages to Pelican Bay:
3 homes were destroyed and 61 sustained damage. A large number of cars were damaged. No fatalities.
On the Interstate:
there were 4 truck-trailer semis that got tossed on their sides.
I live on the beachside and we didn't get any damage. Tornadoes are fairly rare for our area. Maybe it was on account of El Nino.
Daytona Beach is still here. Bike Week is still on track. We are all looking forward to a great Bike Week '98. Come on down and have an enjoyable time. Today, the sun is shinning (75 degrees). It's like nothing happened at all!

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