Pig loves a Harley

This is a true story.

Today (7-27-95), I (Henry Jordan) went to the Post Office to pickup some stamps. Carl, whom I've known for years, and a co-worker were behind the counter. We struck up a conversation which quickly led to the Internet. Most everybody wants to hear about the Internet. So I told my postal buddies that I post a Harley\Bike Week enthusiast page on the Net.

My postal buddy Carl, asked if I had heard about the pig that was caught making love to a Harley?

I thought to myself, Oh great a Harley joke, I'll add it to my page. But NOOOooo, he was serious. He said,"Didn't you see it? It was in the newspaper." He then hands me the paper and sure enough.......I almost died laughing as I was reading it. So here it is, for you to read.

This is the article (no photo) from The Orlando Sentinel, Thursday, July 27, 1995

And this little piggy loved Harley Davidsons


KEY WEST -- Chi-Chi the pig has a $300-and-growing defense fund and a lawyer trying to keep him from being castrated for simply falling in love with another hog -- a Harley Davidson.

Chi-Chi's downfall was the shiny black motorcycle he found in Walter Wyatt's yard Saturday. He tried to mate with the bikes's front wheel, and in his attempt, scratched the paint and tore the bike's fabric cover.

Wyatt's wife, Patricia, saw the whole thing from her kitchen and called police. She reported the 50-pound potbellied beast caused at least $100 damage to the brand-new bike.

Monroe County Animal Control officers took Chi-Chi away.

Now, they want to castrate him, as required by state law for animals they pick up. But this city, known for its independent-minded residents, won't have it.

Neither will the motocycle's owner.

"His crime is an alleged sex act against a Harley," Wyatt said Wednesday. "We don't even know if that's a felony!"

Attorney Wayne Smith, president of the Monroe County Bar Association, is taking on Chi-Chi's case for free.

Smith said at least one person has come forward to adopt Chi-Chi. The would-be owner wrote to the Chamber of Commerce and ended his letter: "P.S. I have a broken scooter. It's his."

None of this means much, though, since county officials say it's a done deal.

"It will be neutered just like any animal," said Billie Humbert, director of the county animal shelter. "We have an overabundance of animals, especially pigs."


It just goes to show you: Love does make you do some crazy things.

After I read this comedy\tragedy article, I thought to myself:
In the heat of the moment while love-making, haven't we all broken something......at least once.

Come on, give Chi-Chi a break.......it was love...

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