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March 2 - 11, 2001

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MESSAGE: #71 posted February 21, 2001
We have rooms to rent for bike week,also have tent camping with showers. Got a RV, we can park that for you too! We are located 1 block north of the Iron Horse Saloon at Hitch City. See ya next week. I'll be the blond out at the road with my bull horn and flag asking you to park your car and bikes with us. If you don't stop, at least, beep your horn and if you are walking between the Iron Horse and Broken Spoke, please stop and say hi!!
Call Joy or Weezie at 904-673-3618
E-Mail: Weezie
MESSAGE: #70 posted February 20, 2001
Room to spare! Hi, I have a Large, Well appointed two bedroom 2 bath condo (Time Share) in Smyrna to share. Large rooms. Full kitchen . On the Ocean. Dates I have it for are : March 2 thru March 9, with opportunities to extend , possibly. I will probably Bike down to the Keys around the 6th or 7th and not return. Seeking the right person(s) to share . Your cost $575 . The right person(s ) are : single or couple or max of 2 guys or girls; non smoking, not heavy party animals , mature , responsible. A great time is cool. I sure intend to have one. Burn outs at 3 A.M. are not. Thats why I got Smyrna, twenty miles south of Main Street, where there is more of a liklihood of getting some sleep at night . Here are the details: COCONUT PALMS BEACH RESORT NEW SMYRNA BEACH. FLA. Their # is 904-428-1874 if you want to check out the facilities. Lots happening by the Hotel area!!! Big unit. 2bd 2 bath. Lots of amenities. AAAA rated. Please call me, Stefan, if you are interested 847-304-1775
E-Mail: Stefan
MESSAGE: #69 posted February 16, 2001
Leaving Asheville, NC March 2, returning March 11. Have enclosed trailer with room for three more scooters. $100.00 round trip.
MESSAGE: #68 posted February 16, 2001
Hello: need a room for a christian couple coming to bike week. Secure parking a must. Mon, Tue, Wed. Please let us know if you have anything available.
MESSAGE: #67 posted February 15, 2001
Interested in tailgating to Flordia for bikeweek!! If you are going to bikeweek & coming down I-75 through Dayton,Ohio around the 2nd or 3rd of March let me know or if you need ride or want to share ride around southern Ohio!!
MESSAGE: #66 posted February 14, 2001
~HAIRY & Co~ From The Adirondacks of New York. Will be at Bike Week 2001. For Location e-mail me.
MESSAGE: #65 posted February 13, 2001
Two males (37 and 50) looking for room for bike week arriving around the 7th and departing 11th or 12th. Would prefer something on the beach.
E-Mail: Mike Arthur
MESSAGE: #64 posted February 13, 2001
We need a place for 8 to 10 of us partiers....... Its late can split up 4 and 4...... Secure parking is a must..... Call 803-279-8451 {Penny} or 706-855-1705 {Birdie}
E-Mail: Penny or Birdie
MESSAGE: #63 posted February 13, 2001
3 Non-smoking Canadians coming down for Bike Week looking for reasonably priced accomodation, up to 1 hr. from Daytona. Can be house, apartment, spare room, basement, or just a safe, quiet place to pitch a tent and park a car. Also, one biker is an advanced scuba diver looking for a buddy to check out some dive sites in the area with.
E-Mail: Pete Donaldson
MESSAGE: #62 posted February 13, 2001
Have 3 bedroom house w/garage and doublewide mobile home for rent during bikeweek. Both in Daytona near US-1 and will sleep at least 8 adults.Each is available for $200.00 a night.House has room for RV parking. Both furnished.
MESSAGE: #61 posted February 13, 2001
Maried couple looking for hotel for march 4 to 10 around 500.00
MESSAGE: #60 posted February 13, 2001
looking for a woman 30 to 40 to ride with and get to know for bikeweek. i am 42 blond 170 lb and cute too. want to ride and enjoy?
E-Mail: Ron
MESSAGE: #59 posted February 13, 2001
FOR RENT - BikeWeek 2001 - My Personal Luxury Oceanfront 2 bedroom/2 bath Condo located directly on the beach! I will rent only to Non-Smoking, quiet, professional couples. Maximum number of persons allowed in unit or on premises is 4 persons. My condo is fully furnished with all of the amenities including a full kitchen, beautiful direct eastern view of the ocean. This building is fairly quiet, so if you are the loud, party type, please don't respond
MESSAGE: #58 posted February 13, 2001
I have never been to Bike Week and I am interested in entering some of the local contests, ie, "Hot Legs," "Best Buns," etc. Can anybody tell me what places have the most fun and wildest contests with the best prizes. Thank you!
E-Mail: Kristi
MESSAGE: #57 posted February 13, 2001
Needed: 3.5 Gal. Tank for black 94 Sportster. Chuck Purks, 37697 French Creek, Avon, Ohio 44011.
E-Mail: Chuck Purks
MESSAGE: #56 posted February 13, 2001
I am looking for a hotel or condo from 3/3 to 3/10 in Daytona for Bike Week. There are only 2 of us and we are hoping to spend about $500 for the week. Please let me know.
E-Mail: Steve
MESSAGE: #55 posted February 13, 2001
I have 2 condo units Beachside each sleeps 4 full bath and have kitchenettes. Located A1A and Int. Speedway Dr. available for all of "Bike Week".
E-Mail: Joe
MESSAGE: #54 posted February 10, 2001
A friend cancelled on me for bike week, have room to share for 2 nights March 4th and 5th in Daytona Beach. Your share is $40.00/ night. Leaving SC on Sat. or Sunday.
E-Mail: Bob
MESSAGE: #53 posted February 9, 2001
Come by the Voulusa County Fairgrounds swap meet and check out Ron LaSalle's new CD "Too Angry To Pray" here's what they're saying about it:
While Nashville's Ron LaSalle is a veteran of the music business wars, Too Angry To Pray marks this biker's first full length release on his new label. Packed with passion, the disc offers up soulful roots rock that recalls the spirit of golden era Van Morrison, brawny blue collar twang and even some Tom Waitsian saloon blues. It's a rousing effort that exposes the heart of a survivor. (Ph-Q Records)
Miles Of Music.
RON LASALLE AND THE EAST SIDE ROCKERS _ Raw white soul has been given a bad name by Bolton belters and Cocker copycats. But on his new album Too Angry To Pray, Nashville singer/songwriter/producer Ron LaSalle returns to the proud, hard-edged tradition of Mitch Ryder, Southside Johnny, and mid-'70s Graham Parker- not to mention Van Morrison and early Bruce Springsteen, whose influences are felt in the record's brassy punch and sprawling grooves. LaSalle's whiskey scarred voice hints at the rough past his lyrics make explicit, but his songs address faith and overcoming fear without getting preachy: This record may have the soul of Sunday morning, but the sound is Saturday night
Jim Ridley - Nashville Scene
E-Mail: Ron LaSalle
MESSAGE: #52 posted February 9, 2001
After bike week is over and if you are a clean and sober biker looking for a clean and sober event. Come to the NORTH GA.SOBRIETY RUN on Memorial Day week end. Contact the Taz Man at for details. The only rules are No Drugs, No Booze, And no bad attitudes. You must be in recovery from drugs or alcohol. Y'all come!!!
E-Mail: Alky Bill
MESSAGE: #51 posted February 9, 2001
For SALE OR RENT, need to sell bikeweek condo LESS THAN 2 MINUTES north of main street in Daytona, right on the beach, 7th floor furnished, 2 BEDROOM TWO BATH, livingroom, kitchen and all the appliances. sleeps six, can be split in half to rent other side out and pay for the weeks stay, rooms are renting approx. $1300.00 to $2900.00 a week this condo can easily pay for itself. Purchase for $16,000.00 -- Rent for $2,400.00 if you decide to purchase the rent will be put towards the purchase price... Financing possible. KEEP THE SHINY SIDE UP & THE RUBBER TO THE GROUND PHONE # (914)762-5425
E-Mail: Mike
MESSAGE: #50 posted February 8, 2001
As a long time resident of Volusia county in the 80's, I rode with 1%ers and lived through the heyday of Bike Week when a party was a party and laws were few. When you could get a reasonable $$ hotel room, and actually cruise main street at night without burning up your engine idling. In those days, while there were constant brushes with the law, it usually ended peacefully and without a citation unless you did something really stupid. I rode my chopper with apes, no front brake, open pipes and a blower. In 8 years living in Daytona I never received a single equipment violation ticket, nor was even I pulled over for anything besides drag racing or speeding(which I probably deserved).
I moved out of state years ago, and for the first time in many, I brought my chopper back down to Bike week last year. I am a very tall biker and my apehangers do not reach above my shoulders, which is the legal limit in every state with the rare exception it seems of Florida. Florida states that the bars have to be 24" or less from the top of the seat. On a hardtail, the seat is a frame rider and only 18" off the ground. Even Buckhorn bars are 18" from the seat.
By far, the safest way to operate this bike is with apes (ever try to ride a stretch front end leaning forward ??). In 10 days of riding around metro Daytona I had no problems with Volusia County, nor Daytona Police, in fact most of them stopped to check out my bike. Where I did have a huge problem was with FHP. In a nutshell, they are morons. I was pulled over 8 times on US1 (North of the the iron horse) within 9 days. Twice by the same bonehead cop. I received 5 tickets over the 9 day period. I was told that unless I lowered my bars to 24 inches off the seat, I would get a ticket every day. What was I going to do ? It would have cost me hundreds to re-config my bike - not to mention take a week to order parts - so I rode anyway. It became a game for me. After 3 tickets I actually rode past them on purpose to get them to pull me over again. It was really wierd, some cops were out to get everyone, while others did not seem to care. Very inconsistent. I was so outraged that I called the Captain of the FHP in that district. He had that cop attitude and basically treated my like a criminal. My employer trusts me negotiate with heads of state and corporate officers, but to the captain of the FHP, I am just a scumbag biker outlaw who deserves to pay for breaking the (non-existent?) law.
So I put on the gloves and fought back - in court. I am an executive in a fortune 100 company now, and have the resources to fight this BS. I set up 5 separate court dates, then motioned for new dates 3 times, eventually all court dates ended up on the same day. Since I do a lot of business in Fla, I had no problem going to court there. All three ticketing officers showed up in court!! I presented my case, showed the judge that my bike was LEGAL in my state and every other state in the US, so the judge threw out the cases and yelled at the cops for writing harassment tickets. I paid nothing, not one lousy cent.
FHP is bad news on US1. They have nothing better to do than to yank innocent people to collect money. Bikers Beware I was one of 2 people who challenged these tickets. Most people from out of state don't waste their time, they just pay the fine. I have notified the ACLU, and ABATE, both are still gathering data for future cases.
Ride On
E-Mail: Mark Kilian, Chicago, Illinois
MESSAGE: #49 posted February 8, 2001
Coming down form Ontario, Canada for our first bikeweek. Going to take a chance on finding some accommodations within 1 hours drive to Daytona. If anyone has a simple room for a very responsible married couple please e-mail us with the location and the price.
E-Mail: Mary Fassaert
MESSAGE: #48 posted February 7, 2001
BACK-OFF BIKER VIDEO will be shooting great rides and the hottest parties at bike week. if you want to be in the movies and have an even better time at bike week touch base with us.. our website address is see you at bikeweek---BIG JIM
E-Mail: Jim "Big Jim" Fredrickson
MESSAGE: #47 posted February 7, 2001
As of 2/10/01 I only have the dates of: 3/2 - 3/7 open for the Furnished two bedroom Apts. I'm completely booked from 3/8 -3/11(the last weekend). They went quick, but if your coming in for the 1st weekend I still have some opening's.
I have (3) spacious furnished two bedroom apts.. All have just been freshly repainted. Available for bikeweek (3/2-3/11). All come standard with: Full bath & shower, Stove, Ref, cookware, dishes,utensils, coffee maker, TV, (2) Full size beds, bedding, towels ect... Free secure parking for your bike(s). We are located just behind Main St., 2 blocks from the ocean & Main St. pier. @ 14 So. Grandview Tented Beer Garden directly across the street. Prices are: $120.00 per night(4 night min), for up to four people. $20.00 per head over four, up to eight max. We are also taking deposits for Oct-fest, so come visit us during bikeweek and we'll be happy to show you one of our units so you'll stay with us next time. Hurry! Time is short and these won't last, 1/2 booked already!
Phone: 904-846-1574 or at work 12-9pm Mon.-Tue & 9-6pm Wed-Fri. 800-553-1026
E-Mail: ask for Rick Leighton
MESSAGE: #46 posted February 6, 2001
For rent during Bike Week, room and bath 30 minutes from Daytona and 30 minutes from Orlando. Secure, quiet and clean. $550.00 and $250.00 refundable deposit.
E-Mail: Dave
MESSAGE: #45 posted February 6, 2001
Fly and Ride , NW Indiana trucking company will safely and carefully transport your motorcycle to and from Datona Bike Week. in our inclosed air ride trailers.we have late model equiptment. we also ride and know how inportant our bikes are to us and yours are to you.the cost is $400 round trip.this also includes insurance coverage while in transit. Other rallies available, including the Laughlin River Run, the Laconia Run, the Myrtle Beach Run, Sturgis 2001 and Biketober Fest.
MESSAGE: #44 posted February 6, 2001
Have 38 foot self contained motor home. Would like to find parking close to A1a main street as I can E-mail me anything you have. Plan to be there all 11 days.
E-Mail: Wendy1129@aol.comWendy
MESSAGE: #43 posted February 6, 2001
Ocean front studio on Daytona beach. Fully furnished with all amenities. Sleeps 4. I am asking $850 for the whole week of Bike Week Daytona.
Call: 407-349-9392
E-Mail: Jim
MESSAGE: #42 posted February 3, 2001
I am leaving Feb 28th from Raymond , NH and have a space in my enclosed trailer to haul down 1 bike and I'll be staying in Daytona until march 9th then heading back.Only $200 for round trip.
E-Mail: Brian
MESSAGE: #41 posted February 3, 2001
Hi, I am going to bike week....meeting my boyfriend who is a salesmanager at a denver dealership, he will be there only 3 days.. ...I and a girlfriend will be needing a room or to share a place for the 7th-11th. will share expenses and be flexable. up to 100. a nite for the two of us. I already have a room for the 1st-6th.. in fact I have room in my efficiency for one more lady on the 5th and 6th. of march. If you have a place reserved, and have room for 2 quiet ladies, no drugs.. etc..
E-Mail: msaharley
MESSAGE: #40 posted February 1, 2001
MUST SELL: Brand new Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle (FLTRSEI2) in Black, Silver & Charcoal. I committed to this bike, but am unable to take delivery. This bike will be ready in time for Bike Week! Bring your own K-Y (rape you) price is $28,500. Dealer keeps my $1,000 if I can't find a buyer. Help!
E-Mail: Jim Paisley
MESSAGE: #39 posted February 1, 2001
Two condo units available for "Bike Week". They are located on the beach, off of AIA at International Drive, right in the heart of everything.They have a kitchenette,1 bath and sleep four.
E-Mail: Margie
MESSAGE: #38 posted February 1, 2001
Hello going to bike week and will be leaving Va. (Winchester) area on 3/3/01 if you are going to bike week and leaving around that date maybe we could travel together.. Also if anyone knows how the accommodations are at the New Frontier Beach Resort, please let us know, that is where we are staying!!!! Hope everyone going has a great time and a safe trip!!
E-Mail: Ronnie Wood
MESSAGE: #37 posted January 29, 2001
Married couple looking for someone or even better a group of bikers travelling to bike week on their scooter. We plan to leave from the St. Louis, Mo. area on or about 3/2/01 in the pm. Looking forward to replies.
E-Mail: Dave Knoebel
MESSAGE: #36 posted January 26, 2001
Bike Week Rental: Charming cottage in private courtyard setting in New Smyrna Beach. Close to all activities. Secure indoor parking. Additional space for trailer. $85.00 per day. Call (904) 4271316.
E-Mail: Bill and Patty
MESSAGE: #35 posted January 25, 2001
1st time bike weekers looking for any and all tips and info on having the best time ever. Leaving scooter up north this time is there nearby parking ? Where is the best fun to be had and when? Ect ect. Looking foward to seeing all of you friend we havent met yet and to all of you please have a safe and happy trip.
E-Mail: Tom Reihing
MESSAGE: #34 posted January 25, 2001
FOR RENT----FOR DAYTONA BIKE WEEK 2001----- Fenced/Secure storage lot, just four blocks North of the HD dealership, and most of the action in Daytona, and on the same street, is available to store one tractor trailer, or several motorcycle trailers, or truck with trailer. Has six foot high chain link fence, and 12 foot wide locked double gate. Several spots available or rent entire lot. Available entire month of March, or for Bike Week 2001 (minimum 5 day spots). Spots are $40 per day for a 12' X 15' spot, $60 per day for 12' X 30' spots, all spaces/combinations negotiable. Lockable storage only, sorry NO vending permitted on lot.
MESSAGE: #33 posted January 25, 2001
I am looking for accomodations for bike week. can be out of town. 2 males non-smokers. email me.
MESSAGE: #32 posted January 25, 2001
Couple from Lorain county, Ohio looking to share hotel reservations, split expenses. We dont smoke or do drugs. We would like to meet first, if you are interested please e-mail me.
MESSAGE: #31 posted January 25, 2001
My wife and I will be coming over from the UK for our first ever bikeweek this year, although we have visited Daytona several times. Unfortunately we will be driving a car from the Orlando area (can't really ship the bike over from the UK) and would appreciate any information which the 'regulars' can give us on: Where to park the car? Where to definately visit? Where to go (and where not to go)? and generally any advice you can give us to make this a memorable occasion. Thanks for your help and we are looking to make this the first of many visits to bike week.
E-Mail: Richy Freeman
MESSAGE: #30 posted January 25, 2001
looking for someone to ride with down at bike week. would like to find someone who knows a little about what there is to do beside just bar hopping while at bike week. thanks.
MESSAGE: #29 posted January 25, 2001
Studio Cond for rent, avail bike week 2001, two bouble beds, kitchen with utensils, private patio, direct oceanfront. 5.5 miles sout of main st.. Non smoking in unit. also avail for biktoberfest 2001.
web page
MESSAGE: #28 posted January 25, 2001
I live in south central OK looking for 1 or 2 people to help share cost of going to Daytona (bike week)this year.
E-Mail: Mechanic
MESSAGE: #27 posted January 25, 2001
Business owners and execs looking for home or rooms to rent during bike week 2001. Have large truck and trailer. A total of ten adults. Very mature and respectable. Please email back with info asap.
E-Mail: Rick Honahan
MESSAGE: #26 posted January 25, 2001
Nevada Manufacturer of very fine ladies leather hair ties desires vendor space along main street. No "back of the store" spaces or sub-optimum spaces will be considered. requires no more than 50 sq. ft. Kindly contact K & B Enterprises, 775-826-5352 with terms and map/schematic
E-Mail: Kim Kollman
MESSAGE: #25 posted January 25, 2001
In your best opinion what is the nicest hotel out near the speedway on the main drag? We are just trying to stay out of the main stream. Any info. would be great. Thanks,
E-Mail: Jorge Newton
MESSAGE: #24 posted January 25, 2001
We are looking for the names of some adult couples clubs we could check out while we are in town for bike week, any suggestions?
E-Mail: Steven
MESSAGE: #23 posted January 25, 2001
My name is Bruce and I just want everyone to know about the overpricing and gouging the county of Volusia is allowing during the Bikeweek and Biketoberfest Events. I think Nancy Regan said it all when she made the statement JUST SAY NO! Thats all we have to do. WE have to make a stnd NOW before its too late. Believe me I live here yearround I know what the prices are and I know what they are supposed to be. If you want a list of Biker friendley bars with reasonable and I do mean reasonable prices just contact me at and I will be more than happy to turn you on to some really good places. This is not for any other reason than to bring the good times back to Bike week without having to take out a loan to do it.
E-Mail: Bruce
MESSAGE: #22 posted January 25, 2001
( Hey everybody keep on the look out for the photographers from "".
Were looking for intersting subjects to photo and write about, yes I guess girls too.hehehe
If you got a good story, bike, girl talk to us...write "" ) see ya there......
E-Mail: Paul "IGGY" Serna
MESSAGE: #21 posted January 25, 2001
Looking for those who are RIDING to BW 2001 from the mid-west, cincy, ohio area. Would like to travel with a group.
E-Mail: Rupert Leslie
MESSAGE: #20 posted January 25, 2001
After over a year of work on my bike, I am almost done and ready to show with the big boyz at Bike Week 2001. I am ready to book a hotel room and need two bits of info. 1. Does anyone have the schedules for judged bike shows? 2. I will be towing my bike up and need a hotel with good security and where we will be able to park a trailer for a few days. If anyone call help, please email me at Thanks!
E-Mail: Tom
MESSAGE: #19 posted January 25, 2001
Attention Florida bikers: Tired of being harrassed by johhny law? Then check out my website and give me an E-mail. E-Mail: Thomas Rice
MESSAGE: #18 posted January 25, 2001
Please check out for Bikeweek lodging. Thanks
MESSAGE: #17 posted January 25, 2001
Hello... coming to daytona in early feb. 2001 ...If you have a place to stay for me and/or some part time work give me a shout..I will be bringing a bike and pick-up truck and will be staying approx 2 mos..can also leave earlier or stay longer...I am from Pa. and not lookin for any handouts...just an inexpensive place to stay and some work to keep me busy contact me.
MESSAGE: #16 posted January 25, 2001
For SALE ,baby has arrived ,need to sell bikeweek condo that sits about a quarter mile north of mainstreet in Daytona.right on the beach,furnished,three room two bath kitchen and all the appliances.sleeps six,can be split in half to rent other side out and pay for the weeks stay,rooms are renting for approx 1300.00 a week condo can easly pay for itself.have had loads of fun every year but priorities for sale.asking $16,000.00 if you attend bike week every year than you can see how this is well worth the investment,to see a picture of the condo go to ,contact steve at (321)779-4903.after five on weekdays or anytime on the weekend
E-Mail: steve
MESSAGE: #15 posted January 18, 2001
We are offering an attached rental suite west of A1A at RT 40, (Beachside Ormond) close to everything. We can offer a private entrance with one, two or three room / two full bath. Space for secure trailer parking, and even camp sites, at a cool pool home near the beach. Long time local, we're building a yearly rental opportunity at reasonable rates for the best group of people. Few rules - just respect.
Phone: 904.672.6605
E-Mail: Margie
MESSAGE: #14 posted October 18, 2000
will be attending Bike Week 2001 ..if you have a place that you are willing to rent for the week please contact me...( 3 male adults smokers, do not party).
E-mail: Dixie
MESSAGE: #12 posted October 13, 2000
The Travelodge and Suites has rooms available for Bike Week 2001!!! With rates starting at just $69.00, you can save up to $100.00 or more per night!!! Rate includes 2 double beds, deluxe continental breakfast, and much, much more!. Call for reservations:
Phone: 1-800-327-2221.
E-mail: Mike at Travelodge
MESSAGE: #11 posted October 2, 2000
I heard a recording by a group called Atomic Dave and ??????????. I was told that they were at Daytona. I would like to get one of their tapes/cd of "I'm A Road Runner". This was the best recording of that song that I have heard. I cannot locate the artist anywhere on the internet. Please advise if anyone knows how to get in touch with this group. advance.
E-mail: Kathryn Smith
MESSAGE: #10 posted September 27, 2000
Truck and Trailer short-term parking SPACE RENTALS: Store your rig, bike trailer, tractor-trailer, etc. just four blocks from the Speedway on Fentress Blvd. Park 'em and lock 'em. Semi-secure fenced lot. No vendoring or camping. Bike trailers $20.00 per day; Vans $20.00 per day; Tractor-trailers $40.00 per day.
E-mail: Art Coon
MESSAGE: #9 posted September 20, 2000
Silver Skull USA is finalley getting their web site up and running. We would like to put some of our customer's pictures on our site that shows one of our derby covers. If you have one of our many covers on your bike and would like to see your bike on our site just send me a copy of the pic. and we will see if we can use it. I will need a brief description on your bike (and you?) to go with the pic. Also, your permisssion to use the pic. Thanks.
MESSAGE: #8 posted September 11, 2000
LOOKING TO RENT A HOUSE in the Daytona Beach or surrounding area. From 3/1/01 to 3/11/01 must sleep eight people and have parking for 5 or 6 bikes, a truck and bike trailer. Looking for a clean place! There will be NO loud parties or drug use! This could turn into a yearly rental !!! Will pay top dollar for rental that is clean and neat! I will fly to Daytona personal to arrange contact with you.
E-mail: Jeff Kilmer
MESSAGE: #6 posted August 8, 2000
Two couples from Portland, Oregon looking to rent a nice home or condo, preferably near the beach and Main St, for Bike Week 2001. Would also prefer secure parking, but not a necessity for the right place.
E-mail: Steven Ramsby
MESSAGE: #5 posted August 2, 2000
Looking to rent a house within 20 to 30 miles of Daytona for Bike week and the week prior (there is flexibility on the total number of days). The first week will be two or three couples, the second, four or five guys. We need a place to park a 24 foot car hauler and pickup truck. No dope, loud parties or obnoxious behavior. This could turn into a yearly rental for us. I have someone near Daytona who can make personal contact.
MESSAGE: #4 posted August 2, 2000
For Rent: Small cottage, sleeps 5, includes a lockable garage to park motorcycles in. Located 2 miles from Main Street and 3 short blocks from the beach. Includes parking for cars, truck and trailer. No loud parties, party all you want in the bars. This cottage is next to our home in a residential neighborhood. NO SMOKING in cottage.
MESSAGE: #3 posted July 8, 2000
For Rent: Beautiful home in private neighborhood with 2200 sq. ft living area. Three bedrooms with living, dining, den, kitchen(with breakfast area), 2 baths, 2 car garage and pool with private courtyard. Rents for $350 per night (four night minimum) and $500 security deposit (fully refundable with no damages) Trailers cannot be left in drive but can go in garage. This is our private home and will only rent to limited individuals. This property is superior to any hotel. It is located one mile north of the Ironhorse on US-1 in Ormond Beach. Rules: No parties; no drugs and no guests.
Phone: 904-676-1146
E-mail: Ray Camp
MESSAGE: #2 posted June 30, 2000
We are coming to Bike Week 2001 from the southern tip of Illinois and will be driving a 33' motorhome and are looking for a place to park with or without power. We are 2 couples, both with Sportsters. (racks on motorhome).
MESSAGE: #1 posted June 29, 2000
Me and my boy friend went to Bike Week 2000 and purchased a pin that was a silver dragon with Daytona 2000 written across the front of it and he lost it and i need to find him another one and I need some help to do this I dont know where to look if any one has any info please e-mail me back as soon as you can ...thank you
E-mail: Carolanne
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