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MESSAGE: #18 posted Oct. 8, 1998
For Sale: 95th Anniversary FLHTCUI with matching ultra hack. #158. only 1800 miles. Fully dressed. stage 2 performance . will be at Biketoberfest. will separate. breaking my heart but must sell!!!!
MESSAGE: #17 posted Sept. 23, 1998
For Rent: Timeshare condo (on-the-beach) during Bike Week. Located south of Daytona Beach 10 miles south in New Smyrna Beach (Coconut Palms). It's a new 2 bdrm/2 bath on-the-beach unit. Can sleep up to 6. We can not make the trip this year to use it and don't want it vacant that week. It is a lovely property and we would like to see a nice family or couple use it. Sorry, NO loud partiers. $1000.00 for seven nites - not bad for the amenities for say 4 people (non-smokers - there is a nice balcony).
Interested parties call 425-745-9332 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Pacific time for info.
E-mail: Barb or Dave Demaray
MESSAGE: #16 posted Sept. 10, 1998
I would like to find out if anyone from Houston, Texas area is going to Biketoberfest.
If so please contact me.... Thank You
E-mail: Joe Eldridge
MESSAGE: #15 posted Sept. 3, 1998
Daytona Bike Week Beer Can Collection. One can each from 1984 to 1997 (14 cans in all) each one in mint condition. $100 plus shipping.
Phone: (203)796-2915
E-mail: Rich Colesanti
MESSAGE: #14 posted Aug. 29, 1998
Feb. 27 - Mar. 7, 1999 The trip of a lifetime for motorcycle lovers and sun-worshipers. Round-trip package including air travel, lodging, ground shuttle and motorcycle transport from Denver to Daytona and back. SPACE IS LIMITED P.S. Bring your leathers, suntan oil, and don't forget your honey!!
Rocky Mountain Hawg Hawlers
P.O. Box 3494, Evergreen, CO 80437
Phone: (303)526-2361 or (800)794-9071
Fax: (303)526-4135
E-mail: Rick or Bernie
MESSAGE: #13 posted Aug. 29, 1998
Would you want to have Message #13? I didn't think so...
MESSAGE: #12 posted Aug. 25, 1998
Condo for rent: New Smyrna Beach, Bouchelle Island. (On Intercoastal Waterway) Just south of Daytona Beach. 2 bed rm, 2 bath, 4 adults max. First class condo for first class riders only. Any 7 to 10 days period of biketoberfest for $650.00 Deposit to hold until arrival, $500.00 ( non refundable after Oct 15.) Additional cash $500.00 security deposit and rental fee of $ 650.00 also due apon arrival.
Phone: (904)428-9953 ask for Stan
MESSAGE: #11 posted Aug. 22, 1998
For Sale: 1995 Road King, all black, like new, $2000.00 in extras. Sixty year old owner and wife have taken good care of their baby. Majority of 23,000 miles on the open road. To see it, is to buy it. $16,900.00.
Phone: (904)428-9953 Daytona Beach, Florida. Area.
E-mail: Stanley Brodnik
MESSAGE: #10 posted Aug. 20, 1998
For Sale: 1989 1200 Sportster (formerly a 883) 25,000 miles, rebuilt at 12,000 miles, Weisco Pistons, STS Rods. New: battery, rear tire, sprocket, chain. Extra chrome, runs strong. $6,500.00
Phone: (904)258-7391 Fran in Daytona Beach, Florida
MESSAGE: #9 posted Aug. 2, 1998
I'm writing a book about women who ride. I have six published books so far, and am looking for stories about solo rides women have taken, why they ride, embarrasing moments, funny stories, tips on riding..etc...all that women would be interested in...along with some good pictures....
E-mail: Shirley Dicks
MESSAGE: #8 posted July 23, 1998
For Sale: (very rare) Harley Davidson Bicycle.... yes, a bicycle (not a motorcycle).
If you are interested in buying this bike I have pictures that I can send you via e-mail.
E-mail: Walt Rullo
MESSAGE: #6 posted June 26, 1998
I need vending info for Sturgis '98. I'm interested in Bellih(?), Hullet(?), and Devil's Tower. Space, license fees, housing, etc. Non-food items to be sold. Knives, Leather, jewelry. Thanks.
MESSAGE: #5 posted June 23, 1998

I've lived in Daytona Beach, FL for thirty years and have seen alot of disaster throughout the state but nothing that compares with this. We have sixty-seven counties in this state and forty of them are on fire. The sun has become a strange looking red ball in the sky that you can actually look straight at without benefit of sunglasses. The nights are no longer dark but a dusty yellow reflection of the flames. I hope you'll check it out. We are emptying our jails and using in-mate labor for ditch-diggers. Our firefighters are working around the clock and are near exhaustion as well as the volunteer pool being limited and overcome by smoke and heat exhaustion. President Clinton has declared the entire state to be a fire disaster but we have seen no real help. The fact that most disasters happen quickly and have more shock value may be hampering Federal help should not be over-looked. Believe me----this entire state is in trouble and eighty new fires a day are now the norm.
MESSAGE: #4 posted April 29, 1998
To anyone intrested in vending space to sell something during Bike Week in Myrtle Beach. We have a great location to set up at the best prices on the beach! Call Mike at 843-444-0590 or 843-946-9642.
E-mail: Mike
MESSAGE: #3 posted April 26, 1998
Any serious Harley collector has to have what I'm offering. 1984-first year, Sturgis Harley Beer!!!!!! I am looking for a buyer for this very collectable item.
E-mail: Jay Harris -- Lovell, WY
MESSAGE: #2 posted March 27, 1998
LADY'S -- Looking for someone to take you around Daytona to Party? Want a gentelman to take you, with a classy Harley? A 1960 chopped late 50"s style chopper, Show Quality ! If you will be here for October, and you want to go with someone who is fun, sober, ( I don't drink ) polite, and willing to make sure your time in Daytona is a fun memory, then e mail me at, and we can work out the details ! No large ladys please, my white walls have to last ! Will hope to hear from you soon ! This one will make a enjoyable trip for someone ! May God keep you in the palm of his hand. and may your blessings be more today than yesterday, but not as many as tomorrow !
E-mail: Slo Moe Kenneth Banks
MESSAGE: #1 posted March 27, 1998
Private cottage "for rent" during Biketoberfest or Bike Week in Daytona. Also available other times of the year. Lockable garage for bike security. Parking for truck and or trailer.
See webpage for
more info on cottage.
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