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From 2000 to 2004, & Henry Jordan was seen on The Learning Channel (TLC), Travel Channel, Discovery & BBC TV shows. Before Jesse James, before Paul Jr., Paul Sr. and Mikey Teutul's American Chopper TV show, there was Henry Jordan. read the story...
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Who is Henry Jordan?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Henry Jordan. I've lived here in Daytona Beach since 1973. By day I'm a professional jeweler, at night I'm a webmaster. I've always enjoyed the beach and the abundant nightlife partying scene here. The last party I was involved with, lasted for 15 years and just ended in 1988. Yes, I typed it right and you read it right. A 15 year party. Now I'm older, happily married, I have a son and don't indulge anymore. Now, I'm a spectator, with a myriad of hard-core partying memories, merrily dancing in my head. The sport I'm best at is being a spectator and participant of, is BIKE WEEK (sure, it's a sport) in Daytona Beach. OK... you are right, BIKE WEEK is a party. Just don't tell my wife. This will be our secret...:-)
April 10, 2008, I came up with an idea for to go Global. I believe this new idea will have viral growth potiential. When I first started back in 1995, I was thinking that it would include "reports" about bikeweek and rally info of many locations like Sturgis, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, etc. Well it didn't take long to see that that was nearly impossible. It was all I could do to do just one, that being Daytona Beach, Florida's Bike Week and Biketoberfest. Now in 2008, the rally and bikeweek experience is popping up in just about every state and city in the world. So, I came up with my next BIG IDEA to have "everyone" be a reporter for from all over the entire planet. If you have a cell phone and a cheap video camera and can make videos. BECOME A REPORTER FOR BIKEWEEKREPORT.COM.
I live 2 miles from Main Street which is the heart and most famous biker hotspot of Bike Week and Biketoberfest. And now that these events have grown to more than a half million participants, there are hotspots located all over the county to accommodate them. There is just far too much to see and do during this massive county-wide event. I hope you can come here to personally enjoy and engage in the festivities. But, for you that can't be here in person... I've created "Henry's Roving Webcam" to capture the festivities on film to broadcast it here (a new image every 15 seconds), so that you may experience a Virtual BIKE WEEK or BIKETOBERFEST. It's not as good as the real thing but close. And if you miss the "live" broadcast that happens during the events, I will be archiving the "best of" shots and post them so that you can enjoy them all year long. So where ever you are in the world, get away from the humdrum sameness of your daily toil. Take a break at your home, school or office. Step out of your world and into a Virtual BIKE WEEK in Daytona Beach, Florida (don't worry, I won't tell your boss)...;-)
I'm a webcam'ing fool and as the webcam master of Daytona I will have plenty pictures to show you and besides... I ride a Harley, I can do this.
OK...lets ride...

That's right, you guessed it, I'm going to show you a picture of my
1987, XLH 1100 Harley-Davidson SPORTSTER

Of course I wanted a bigger Harley but this was all I could afford. I bought it with my wallet, not my desire. Besides, it was a good deal buying it from Don Barfield, my cousin who lives in Jacksonville, Florida.
Living in Daytona Beach, I always wanted a Harley but I always bought a Honda. My butt was on a Honda but in my heart I was on a Harley. Riding a Honda during BIKE WEEK with thousands and thousands of Harleys in town is just not right. Also, I got tired of getting beat up during BIKE WEEK. Just kidding, I never got beat up but I did buy a Harley. Now, I'm with it...
Do you want to hear my bike run? 65k wav file
When I travel long distances, it's not beneath me to put my bike on a motorcycle trailer and tow it to my destination in Air Conditioned comfort. Yeah, this makes me a RUB (Rich Urban Biker). All my life I've enjoyed riding a motorcycle. Wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth (spit, spit, spit). The longest motorcycle ride that I have taken in my life was from Los Angeles, California to Tocoma, Washington. :-)

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Bike Week & Biketoberfest info
Daytona Beach, Florida
Henry Jordan
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