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Thanks to CNN, BBC, The Learning Channel (TLC) TV show Daytona Motorcycle Madness, magazines, newspapers and all of you from around the world, this website receives an average of 500,000 "hits" per month with a high of 5.14 million 'hits' during the month of March which of course is Bike Week.     THANK YOU, very much....
Hello... my name is Henry Jordan. I'm the reporter, photographer, biker, professional jeweler and webmaster for Within this vast website, I'm going to share with you... my annual adventures and knowledge of Bike Week & Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Florida.
What makes me such an expert on this subject? Well let's see... first of all, I live in Daytona Beach, I ride a Harley, I write webpages and I've experienced every Bike Week here since 1973 and every Biketoberfest since it began in 1991. So that makes me your... Harley riding, webpage writing, professional jeweler, Bike Week & Biketoberfest "on location" eyewitness reporter and I'm doing all this for you (my audience).
Henry's Roving Webcam
If you can't come to Daytona Beach to personally enjoy the Bike Week and Biketoberfest festivities... I've created Henry's Roving Webcam so you can virtually enjoy it!!! During Bike Week and Biketoberfest, I run all over the Daytona Beach area, video taping all the biker festivities that I can. I then broadcast that footage, every night during the event, on Henry's Roving Webcam (a new image every 15 seconds) so that you can experience a Virtual BIKE WEEK or BIKETOBERFEST in the comfort of your home anywhere in the world!!!. After the event is over, I start capturing best of stills from the video footage and group those shots into slide shows. Archiving takes several days to several weeks to complete. Check it out, you may see yourself, a friend or your spouse. You will definitely see Daytona's favorite biker hangouts & wateringholes, bikers, bikes and babes up close and personal. Click here... to hear the eagle
It doesn't matter what or if you ride or whether you are male, female or a doctor or a lawyer... you will be referred to as a "biker" while perusing this website.
It doesn't matter: what brand bike you ride, if you are a RUB (Rich Urban Biker), if you are a 1% or are a momma's boy (or girl)... you ALL are welcome to Bike Week and this website.
Lets ride...

Welcome sign in front of International Speedway
The streets are filled with chromed thunder, as thousands and thousands of HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycles annually converge upon Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona is 60 miles (one hour drive) from Orlando, where Mickey Mouse lives. Here's some maps showing where Daytona is located.

BIKE WEEK is a biker festival of epic proportions. An estimated 600,000 bikers usually attend Bike Week during the first week (actually 10 days) of March every year and I'm going to personally count each and every one of them (if they'll all stand in one spot long enough). Just kidding... I'll try but I know they are not going to stand still for me. But seriously, 600,000 is an astromonical number of bikers on every brand of motorcycle in one town at one time. I want to salute all the bikers that come to Daytona Beach to experience BIKE WEEK... they are the best tourist. It's very stimulating to experience that many people gathering in one town for one reason... to enjoy all the people with one common passion... enjoying all the chromed iron horses, feeling the thunder of the exhaust and the smells of food cooking (now that is festival). Within 10 days of bike Week, bikers spend an estimated $300 million dollars of revenue in the local economy (I tried counting that too, but nobody would cooperate with that count either). The worst thing that happens during Bike Week is the injury or deaths that can occur (probability is greater as the number go up) when a large number of bikes and cars increase. Accidents and deaths have been down in recent years, but the worst year was 2000 when 15 were killed - more wrecks resulted in deaths than any previous Bike Week. Only 5 of those 15 were alcohol related deaths. What excuse did the other 10 have? There were 5 bikers killed in 1999. Come on... drive more careful. During BIKE WEEK, 90% of the motorcycles on the streets of Daytona are Harley-Davidson motorcycles which is the main focus of this website. There is a great number of OTHER bikes in town as well, but they will go unmentioned here (not that there's anything wrong with them). ALL bikers are welcome, no matter what your ride of choice is.

BIKE WEEK started on Main St., but outgrew that street years ago. Now, the 500,000 biker that attend Bike Week are spred throughout the entire county of Volusia. Daytona Bike Week continues to be the #1 annual biker destination, drawing more and more leather clad folks from all over the world.

Daytona Bike Week is the #1 biker destination:
#1 Daytona, FL (10 days) 500,000 bikers (March)
#2 Sturgis, SD (9 days) 360,000 bikers (August)
#3 Laconia, NH (9 days) 330,000 bikers (June)
I'll see you here... or will I? Bring your old lady (or not), bring your old man (or not), but just get here. Don't let us be the only ones that have all the fun. And, Remember... Bike Week is something that you have to plan ahead for. Start planning your trip (reservations) at least a year in advance. Lodging is hard to come by.

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