Daytona Beach, Florida
Miss Bike Week 1997 Cindy Rich
Beautiful women from all over the country came to Daytona Beach to find out if they would be the next lucky winner of the Miss Bike Week contest for 1997. The contest began at 5 local Bike Week partying hot spots... Baja Beach Club, Squeeze Inn Pub, BootHill Saloon, Jackson Hole Saloon and Pub 44 held a contest to pick one contestant that would represent them at the final Miss Bike Week Contest. The Miss Bike Week Contest was held at The Pier on Main St. (actually it's in the Atlantic Ocean) and was sponsored by Budweiser.
The five contestants that went to the Miss Bike Week Contest were:
Miss Pub 44 (Cindy Rich; Florida)
Miss Baja (Heather Pariso; Ohio)
Miss Squeeze Inn (Misty Elders; Montana)
Miss BootHill Saloon (Torry Sue Hadley; Wisconsin)
Miss Jackson Hole (Leslie McDonald; Florida).
The winner of Daytona's 1997 Miss Bike Week Contest:
Cindy Rich (Miss Pub 44)
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