By: "Henry Jordan - The Bike Week Weatherman"

Before and during Bike Week, many people sent e-mail to me requesting the current weather conditions in Daytona Beach. Soooo, I became:

I'm your "eyewitness" Bike Week weather reporter with
up-to-date weather reports & forecasts .
Updated 3 or 4 times daily (only during "Bike Week").
Directly from Daytona Beach, Florida.
I've been asked, "Henry, how do you predict your weather forecasts with such accuracy?" Here are my trade secrets for determining and forecasting the weather. I start by taking the "eyewitness" approach, I LOOK out my window to see what the sky looks like, then, I step outside of my back door to FEEL the temperature (someday I'll get a thermometer). If I think it's too cold (rarely), I'll only risk sticking my arm out the door to feel the temperature. But, because I'm in tropical Florida, I step out the door most of the time. I then go into my professional weatherman room, turn my TV set on to the Weather Channel to get all the current and forecasted weather information. To forecast when the rain will start or stop, I use the following radar and satellite weather maps. I then combine all this compiled data along with actually being at Bike Week to produce this "Henry Jordan The Bike Week Weatherman" page. As you can see, my weatherman techniques are very high tech and scientific. So, I submit to you... my weather report for Bike Week '96. < grin >
Radar Weather Map of Florida DAB is Daytona Beach.
Satellite view of Florida
Radar Weather Map of USA & Satellite view of USA

>>> Time on this page is EST (Eastern Standard Time) <<<
  • TUESDAY FEB. 27, 1996
    Temperatures: mid 80's during the day, 60's at night.
    Sunny and clear skies. The weather is beautiful.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • WEDNESDAY FEB. 28, 1996
    Temperatures: High 84°F Low 58°F
    Suuny and clear.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • THURSDAY FEB. 29, 1996
    Temperatures: High 67°F Low 56°F
    Weather turned cooler as a cold front moved in. Cloudy with intermittent light rain. Daytime temp. in the mid 70's and lower 60's at night.`
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
    Temperatures: High 60°F Low 51°F
    Mostly cloudy with persistent light rain all day. A messy wet day.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • SATURDAY MARCH 2, 1996
    Temperatures: High 59°F Low 52°F
    Wind chill factor riding my Harley is about 49°F
    The light intermittent patches of rain we had in the morning, stopped by noon time. The skies gradually cleared... the sun came out and the roads dried by afternoon. NOW that we're getting good weather, Bike Week will now begin... The "Weather Man" has spoken. Because of this welcomed GOOD WEATHER, I see bikers everywhere emerging from their hiding places... drying their bikes and readying for the week long party. Saddle up, let's ride...
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • SUNDAY MARCH 3, 1996
    49°F @6:30AM (sunrise)
    60°F @ 10:00AM
    65°F @12:30PM it should get to a high of 70°F today.
    SKIES: Sunny to partly cloudy.
    Put on your leathers. The morning temperature was chilly but warmed up nicely by the afternoon and after sunset the degrees dropped a little cooler but no big deal. Bike Week is jamming full force. We need warm weather so that ladies can wear more appropriate Bike Week apparel, if you catch my revealing drift. The weather my be slightly cool but Bike Week is sure heating up... Are we having fun yet? Hell yeah...
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • MONDAY MARCH 4, 1996
    TEMPERATURES: High in the mid 70's, lows in the 60's.
    71°F @ 11:AM
    72°F @ 2:PM
    65°F @ 10:PM
    SKIES: Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and IT'S WARM.
    GREAT Bike Week weather. After sunset, a beautiful FULL MOON appeared just above the eastern horizon. Do you know why the moon is so huge when it is near the horizon, then gets smaller as it ascends? E-mail me and I'll tell you the answer. With a full moon surrounded by a sky full of stars, nighttime brought cooler temperatures in the mid 60's. On Main Street, the air was filled with the distinctive smell of leather emanating from all the shops, street venders and thousands of bikers. In the many bars and beer gardens along Main St., bikers from all over the world exchange stories and soaked up the abundant biker ambience. Spontaneous dancing occurred as various local bands played at the beer/food garden across the street from The Bank on Main St.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • TUESDAY MARCH 5, 1996
    TEMPERATURES: High in the upper 70's, lows in the 60's.
    71°F @ 10:30AM
    73°F @ 11:30AM
    66°F @ 10:PM
    SKIES: It's windy today. The morning skies were mostly cloudy with the sun breaking through intermittently. The afternoon brought sunnier clearer skies. Today's warm weather will allow for another great Bike Week day. Currently in Florida, we are warm weather lucky, as a frigid arctic mass has moved downward across the entire US, dropping temperatures everywhere except for us here in the sunshine state. Cold weather IS HEADING OUR WAY but NOT TODAY, today we will maintain warm temperatures throughout the day. Enjoy our great weather while it is here, I'm afraid this coming Bike Week weekend (Friday - Sunday) will not end with good weather, as cold and rainy weather is heading our way. < BOOooo... HISSsss... > If we continue to be lucky, maybe the weekend rains might miss us.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
    TEMPERATURES: High in the mid 80's, lows in the 60's.
    69°F @ 8:30AM
    83°F @ 1:30PM
    66°F @ 11:00PM
    SKIES:Sunny, clear skies and warm temperatures. Perfect Weather.
    We've been having perfect Bike Week weather conditions since Sunday. However, today may be the last day of that perfect weather (god, I hope not). Today, we should pray, do a bikers good-weather dance, burn some candles, sacrifice some small insects like mosquitos and roaches, stick pins in some old bike parts... do anything, to see if we can improve the weather outlook for this weekend. So before the weather does get cold and possibly rainy... NOW, GO OUT AND ENJOY BIKE WEEK, THE WEATHER WILL, BE, BEAUTIFUL TODAY... PARTY AS HARD AS YOU CAN... SAFELY.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • THURSDAY MARCH 7, 1996
    TEMPERATURES: High in the 80's, lows in the 60's
    69°F @ 8:30AM
    79°F @ 11:30AM
    82°F @ 12:30PM
    85°F @ 2:30PM
    65°F @ 10:30PM
    SKIES: All our efforts of prayers, rain dances, insect sacrifice and sticking pins in bike parts to maintain good weather, worked... Good work everyone. Today was beautiful, with sunny, clear skies which turned cloudy by late afternoon. It rained at 9:00PM only for about 1 hour, then maintained breezy cloudy skies till morning.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • FRIDAY MARCH 8, 1996
    TEMPERATURES: High in the 50's, lows in the 30's.
    42°F @ 8:30AM (stuck my arm out the door. I hate cold weather)
    46°F @ 10:00AM
    46°F @ 11:30AM......wind chill 33°F (even colder on a bike)
    50°F @ 12NOON......wind chill 37°F     "       "      :   "     "
    SKIES: Clear and sunny, breezy. NO RAIN < Ya hoo... >
    COMMENTS: Put on your long johns under your leathers, you'll NEED them through the weekend. Temperatures will remain cold in the 30 - 50's through the weekend.
    BRRrrr... it's cold... bummer... at least there's NO RAIN and we're definitely much better off than the frozen, snow burdened folks to the north. I guess the skiers love this weather... But we don't care about skiing, we want warm & sunny weather so we can ride our Harleys.
    Beach water temperature is 63°F
  • SATURDAY MARCH 9, 1996
    TEMPERATURES: lows in the 30's and high will be in the mid 50's.
    BRRrrr... it's cold (I know I'm a wimp, but I am from the tropics)
    33°F @ 8:00AM.......wind chill 15°F (stuck my finger out the door)
    43°F @ 10:30AM.....wind chill 24°F (even colder on a bike)
    46°F @ 11:00AM.....wind chill 31°F     "       "      :   "     "
    49°F @ 12NOON.....wind chill 33°F     "       "      :   "     "
    50°F @ 2:00PM........wind chill 33°F     "       "      :   "     "
    47°F @ 10:00PM......wind chill 34°F     "       "      :   "     "
    SKIES: Breezy, partly cloudy with intermittent sunny skies progressing to completely cloudy skies by the afternoon. NO RAIN < Ya hoo... >
    COMMENTS: Although some cold weather sensitive people fled. I've never seen Bike Week so busy. At 6:30PM I was leaving beachside heading west to the Mall to do some jewelry work. The roads and bridges were packed with the longest lines on bikes, cars, more bikes and more cars than I have ever seen in Daytona. They were all waiting in long lines trying to make their way to beachside for the last night of partying on Main St. The traffic leaving beachside was light.
    The cold weather GREATLY LESSENED the occurrence of skimpy beach apparel and revealing biker apparel (sorry about that). I want to give a big THANK YOU to the ladies that did brave the cold to maintain the body revealing traditions of Bike Week. It's all meant in good clean fun and celebration of life. The cold hasn't thwarted biker enthusiasm, with leathers buttoned and zipped... Bike Week is still going on full throttle.
    We heard and felt sonic booms at 9AM as the space shuttle Columbia made a perfect landing at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, 50 miles to the south of Daytona Beach. Beach water temperature is 63°F
    TEMPERATURES: Highs in the 50's, lows in the mid 30's.
    52°F @ 9:00AM
    50°F @ 5:00PM.....wind chill 35°F
    50°F @ 6:30PM.....wind chill 33°F
    SKIES: Windy, cloudy skies till noon then RAIN, RAIN,
    and more RAIN throughout the day.
    COMMENTS: The motorcycle parade happened at 9:00AM officailly ending Bike Week. There was a good turnout for the Bike Week Parade. There would have been more spectators watching the parade and there would have been more motorcycles in the parade if the temperature had been warmer. The rains spared the parade... 3 hours later, it rained constantly throughout the day and into the evening. Looking out my weatherman window, I see RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN...
    SUPERBIKE 200 RACE scheduled for 1:30pm Sunday March 10, 1996 was rained out. The Superbike 200 race is rescheduled to be held Saturday, March 16, 1996 @ 1:30PM EST. All March 10 tickets will be good for that race. If you can not make it to the rescheduled date, a refund is available for ticket holders. For further info... call (904)253-7223 (recorded message)
    Beach water temperature is 57°F

    There will be PLENTY OF WEATHER < grin >
    Look for this page next Bike Week or Biketoberfest to get up-to-date "eyewitness" weather reports.
    See ya later... Ride Safe...
    Bike Week <> Biketoberfest <> Spring Break
    Daytona Beach, Florida


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