BIKE WEEK '95 with Lorenzo Lamas
Daytona Beach, Florida

All the images on this page were screen captured from a VHS/VCR using my SNAPPY.

The actor and avid Harley riding enthusiast, Lorenzo Lamas was in Daytona Beach for the 1995 BIKE WEEK festivities.

You may know Lorenzo Lamas as the person who plays the character "Reno" on the TV show RENEGADE.

Lorenzo shows some ladies the Pegasus tatoo on his back.

To test the biking skills of Lorenzo. Bill, the owner of the IRON HORSE SALOON, hands him a minibike to ride on their race track.

Look at Lorenzo go.... he's riding that miniature iron horse.

Looks like Bill is the winner of this race.

Lorenzo watches as Bruno Parrotta, from Agawam, Massachusetts, does a Harley burnout.

Lorenzo Lamas was the parade marshal for 1995 BIKE WEEK.
Lorenzo, on the orange Harley led the parade of thousands of bikers out-of-town. From Belair Plaza on the beach side to the International Speedway where the parade ends. The parade marks the official end of BIKE WEEK for the year.

Congradulations... goes out to Lorenzo Lamas and his wife Shauna Sand. (If you are counting, Shauna is Lorenzo's 4th wife.) Wedding bells sounded as Lamas and Sand were married April 27, 1996 at the NY home of Arlene Dahl, who is the mother of Lorenzo Lamas. Congratulations!
Lorenzo was previously married (1989 married - 1993 divorced) to Kathleen Kinmont.
Here is a list of movies Lorenzo Lamas has been in and his biography #1 & #2.
Lorenzo is a busy guy, loves his fans (no fan club) but only has time to send out a bio with a picture. You can write him at:
Lorenzo Lamas
c/o Stu Segall Productions
4705 Ruffin Rd.
San Diego, California 92123
Lorenzo's father, Fernando Lamas was a famous actor (died Oct. 8, 1982) and here is a list of his movies.
Here is a "mighty fine" web site MrLaZYdAYS has created about Lorenzo's Harley-Davidson.
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