Daytona Beach, Florida

October 19 - 22, 1995 marked the 4th birthday of BIKETOBERFEST in Daytona Beach, Florida. There were approximately 50,000 bikers in town for this 4 day event.
Main Street,---->
on the beachside, is the heart of the motorcycle action.
The weather took a break from the busier than usual hurricane season that has been plaging the southern states with rain and cloudy skies. The weather was warm and gorgeous for the bikers taking a ride for the last time before the winter months.
A lot of talk was going around during BIKETOBERFEST, comparing it to BIKE WEEK which celebrated it's 54th birthday last March '95. It's hard to compare an event that's 54 years old to an event that's in it's infancy of only 4 years. BIKE WEEK is the father and BIKETOBERFEST is the son. BIKETOBERFEST offers a kinder-and-gentler experience, kind of a BIKE WEEK on training-wheels.
Boothill Saloon had its usual large crowd. Ice cold beer was flowing in the beer garden, that was set up in the parking lot. Also, plenty of delicous barbecue was also being served to hundreds of hungry bikers, under the yellow and white tents.
Here's a fine shot of a female biker sitting on a bike in the Boothill Saloon beer garden. You never know what you'll see during these festivities, and for that, I give thanks.
I hope you took an opportunity to hear one of the best blues bands around. A local group called, The Mark Hodgson Band with Noble "Thin Man" Watts. They played free 8 - midnight Oct. 22. at the Boothill Saloon.
Here is a sign that is common to see during this event. I think the police are trying to crack down on it. But still it is common to find guys driving, standing or sitting around displaying a handmade cardboard sign like this one. Many times you will see females accommodating the request. Ladies, thank you...

Yes, there certainly were some fine bikes to be seen on Main Steet.

For information on events and accommodations, call the
Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
(800) 854-1234

For race tickets and information, call the
Daytona International Speedway
(904) 253-RACE (7223)

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