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Daytona's Motorcycle Madness TV show on Discovery Channel - The Learning Channel
Henry Jordan - biker and BikeWeek enthusiast
First biker / BikeWeek TV show
First to be seen on TLC, Discovery & BBC
  • Henry Jordan was the first
  • Before Jesse James Monster Garage TV shows
  • Before Paul Jr., Paul Sr. and Mikey Teutul American Chopper TV shows
  • founder Henry Jordan on TV
    DAYTONA BEACH, FL - Henry Jordan was one of the first bikers to be on a motorcycle / BikeWeek TV show between 2000 - 2004. Yes, BEFORE Jesse James,West Coast Choppers, had his Monster Garage TV shows. BEFORE Paul Jr., Paul Sr. and Mikey Teutul and their American Chopper TV shows, Henry Jordan was featured on several The Learning Channel (TLC) TV shows, Travel Channel, Discovery and BBC of London TV shows. & Henry Jordan's most famous TV show on The Learning Channel (TLC) was called Daytona Motorcycle Madness. From 2000 - 2004 website received 10 million hits per month during BikeWeek and Biketoberfest. Today, there are many popular motorcycle TV shows, BUT, in the beginning there was only one. It was Henry Jordan & that helped to start it all. In the beginning.... Henry Jordan & was there and is still here.

    Henry Jordan during taping Daytona Motorcycle Madness TV show

    TLC show producer Brian Richardson (far left)
    Henry Jordan on motorcycle. March 7, 2000 (Bike Week)
    This photo taken during taping of TV show - Daytona Motorcycle Madness
    Daytona Beach, Florida

    Henry was seen on 2 TV shows "back to back" (a double feature) on TLC (The Learning Channel) May 13, 2004 at 9PM in a show called "Daytona Motorcycle Madness" and then again at 10PM EST on a TV show called "Biker Girls; Born To Be Wild". Sasha is one of the hosts of the "Biker Girls" TV show and she named Henry Jordan the "Mayor Of Bike Week" (Daytona Beach BikeWeek). The "Daytona Motorcycle Madness" TV show aired repeatedly, about every month, for nearly 2 years. The TV shows directly impacted, driving website traffic to 10 million hits per month.

    Here's a letter of thanks to Henry Jordan for involvement in a TV show
    that aired in 2003 and was called: "Biker Girls: Born To Be Wild"

    when the above show aired, it was called:
    "Biker Girls: Born To Be Wild"

    There is a lot more
    info about the TV shows
    Stop Back To SEE...

    Thank You , Henry Jordan

    Daytona Motorcycle Madness
    aired on The Learning Channel (TLC)
    Henry's Internet office work
    working the computer, editing photos and HTML
    working the phones during TLC TV show
    Daytona Beach, Florida
    The News-Journal December 15, 2000
    The News-Journal December 15, 2000
    Daytona Beach, Florida
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